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Thank you for choosing Rita's Sewing Room.
Rita's Sewing Room                
ABN: 31 245 851 526

Prices -
Using PayPal will incur a small surcharge
1 Sewing Class
$55.00 per person
Half Hour Tuition
$50.00 per person
3 Sewing Classes
$140.00 per person
One Hour Tuition
$70.00 per person
6 Sewing Classes
$260.00 per person
$80.00 per person
Using this booking calendar allows you to choose your preferred dates and times and to see which classes are available before payment.  
You may also choose to go onto a waiting list.  
Your booking will be confirmed once payment is received through one of the methods outlined below.  Workshops take place on Saturdays between 10am and 4pm to 1.30pm to 4.30pm.  Thank you.

Payment can be made by
Cheque or Money Order to :
Rita's Sewing Room            
Direct Debit to:  
Bankwest - BSB: 306 080
Account: 0705165
If you are paying using this service please place CLASS DATES or WORKSHOP NAME  in the narration section.
Sewing Classes
Class Options
General Sewing Class/es
Workshop Options
Private Tuition
Teenage Summer Workshop January
Hourly options
2 Workshop Discount
A surcharge applies to total amount when using PayPal.
We now accept Visa & Mastercard

Booking and Cancellation Policy
Classes run all year round, providing you with flexibility and booking options. You may customize class dates and times to fit your schedule.  You will have 6 months to complete your classes from the date of first booking. As a bonus to loyal students you will also receive your 10th class FREE.

As there is a considerable discount for booking and paying for 3 or 6 classes in advance, I do not accept any late cancelations (just like any other business offering group courses, such as a TAFE.)  

Deferments require a minimum of 1 weeks notice. Please contact me if you need to defer.

However if you do miss a class you may attend ANY other of my general sewing classes (provided there is room for you) within 2 weeks of the missed class.   Otherwise the class is forfeit.

For those of you who may have difficulty setting your class dates (due to shift work or rosters) you could choose to take the chance that there would be a spot at date you would like.  I suggest that you contact me shortly before each class to see if there is a vacancy that you could slot into. However, you will not be guaranteed a spot if the class is full.

(Call Wednesday afternoon for the evening class or between 8 and 9 for the morning classes to see if there is a vacancy or cancelation on that date).

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