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Brag Board
Hi Rita
I very much enjoyed the Saturday (last) overlocker workshop - thank you - and I really appreciate how knowledgeable you are with these machines.  Look forward to seeing you for another course - hopefully  in the near future.
Thanks again, and regards
Treasure McKenna
Hi Rita
I reaaaaaaally enjoyed learning about my overlockers yesterday. Don't know if any of the other girls would be interested, but I would love to do another 2 or 3 hour workshop just to affirm what we learnt and play play play on fabric to help it all sink in!
Cheers Tessa
Hi Rita,
Wanted to let you know payment for Wed class is done. Thank you and I thoroughly enjoying the classes and learning so much!
Hello again
I'm sitting here waiting for Mr K to get home but to be honest I half wish we hasn't made plans to go out tonight. I just want to get to my machine again!
Thanks again for a great workshop. I'd recommend it to friends for sure!
Have a safe trip and take care until we meet again.
Hi Rita
I really enjoyed my lesson yesterday. You are an amazing teacher. Thanks to you I may even improve my bobbin threading skills.
Hello Rita
With much pleasure I will tell you how much I enjoyed the sewing course with Kay.
I was impressed with her knowledge and desire to assist. Nothing was too much trouble and she catered for our individual needs as week.
I also enjoyed the camaraderie. Needless to say I have learned a great deal as well.
I would thoroughly recommend your courses as I have certainly learned a lot from them.
Thank you.
Hi Rita
"Doing the pattern drafting course with Kay has helped me so much with understanding how patterns work and how to adjust a basic pattern block and to make different designed garments. Kay has a wealth of knowledge and her classes are well prepared and fun. Since joining Rita's general sewing classes my dressmaking and sewing has greatly improved. She is very patient and encouraging and I enjoy the friendship I have with the other ladies."
See you tomorrow
Hi Rita,
Just wanted to say I'm enjoying the classes and I am gaining a lot from your knowledge and your style of teaching....thank you.
I wish to advise that Rita Rogowsky was engaged by ORS Group to provide on the job training to a jobseeker over a period of weeks until the jobseeker was competent in all aspects of her position. I have found Rita easy to deal with, informative and reliable. I had requested Rita to assess the skills our jobseeker already had and to design and deliver the required training within a certain time frame. I have had feedback from both the client and the employer that Rita done a fantastic job, giving clear and concise instruction and relevant skills. Rita tailored the training around the jobseeker and the employers needs. At the time we engaged Ritaís services, the jobseeker was looking at falling out of employment due to under developed skills. I am happy to say that, the jobseeker has been able to maintain her employment and deliver quality work. I firmly believe that this can be attributed to Rita and her style and method of training.
Thank you.
Naomi Andrighetto
Industry Trainer
Dear Rita,
I have been meaning to ring you to let you know how much you have helped me thank you very much.
I feel like I was a bit on another planet at the overlocker class but I am excited to say, all the things I have learnt have helped me and given me such confidence. I was requested to shorten a couple of pairs of wedding trousers for my nephew. I hesitated knowing there was still a bit of sorting out to do on my overlocker following the roll hem.Also my concentration is not great around little children.
The cotton broke! I was able to rethread from scratch following your instructions ...magic.... I produced a very good stitch and was very confident and produced a good job.
I also forgot to share with you, that I had made a couple of pairs of successful summer trousers.
So thank you Rita, you have changed my sewing world and I look forward to more of the same!
Warm regards
Merrill Mackenzie.
ďI had been shopping around for a machine for a long time to make soft furnishings and curtains and was confused.  When I met Rita she really spent a lot of time explaining and showing me all the pros and cons of each machine and how it would be helpful in what I wanted to make.  I even hired a machine and took some classes for a while and she showed me some techniques in sewing so that I knew what would be useful to have.  When I did buy a machine Rita got me a great deal on a machine and overlocker that was perfect for my needs at a great price.  Now I am learning how to use all the great gadgets and buttons on there and getting the most out of it.  Thanks Rita.Ē
I started going to sewing lessons 3 years ago for 3 weeks lessons, Rita was my teacher and I enjoyed my classes so much I continued going. Having Rita as a teacher was fantastic as Rita is very patient and helpful she did not make me feel stupid for asking the same thing over and over she would just explain and show me each time, which made me feel a lot better and not worried about asking all the time.

Rita would explain the pattern to me and if she could she would show me how to do it an easier way and how to change patterns to my liking. Rita would always check my sewing and if not done properly she would get me to unpick the bits that were incorrect and resew I became an expert a unpicking my sewing, but was taught to do it properly. Rita gave me the confidence to make a christening gown for my granddaughter something I thought I would never be able to achieve but with her help I did and it is really lovely.

I can recommend Rita as a very professional teacher and a good friend that takes interest in her students and pride in the way she teaches. She often demonstrates to all her students any new techniques and suggests nicer ways to finish off garments.
I was looking for a place or somewhere to learn sewing for ages and I am an absolute beginner. I was thrilled to find Ritaís Sewing Room on line. Rita has been very encouraging and patient. Iím learning so much. Itís great. Alison C
I am so enthusiastic! I bought myself a basic machine was referred to Rita through there. She is showing me how to use my machine and has really inspired and encouraged me. Now I am in love with sewing and overlockers and bought one too! I canít wait to use it. I have just finished making my first skirt and I am so happy with it. My sister asked me where I bought it!
Jodi M
Over the past few years I have enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere, her easy & clear instructions and most of all, I have enjoyed Ritaís patience and guidance. Rita has given me the confidence to stretch my sewing self and I have learnt some great short cuts!!

Going to classes gives me the flexibility/confidence to be creative. Itís great to learn how to sew, read patterns, and fit/alter a pattern to your body type, in a friendly, fun and helpful atmosphere.Ē
The small group allows everyone to get their fair share of Ritaís knowledge without anyone missing out.

Thank you Rita!

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