Introducing weekday Workshops!

Due to increasing demand I have decided to try running some of my most popular Workshops on a Friday morning.

Classes for 2017
The sewing classes and workshops for 2017 are now on the Supersaas calendar.  Please feel free to book your classes now.

Please find a list of the workshops below.


The workshops are $80 per person and there needs to be a minimum of 3 people and a maximum of 5.

As usual, you may book yourselves in online.  If you have difficulty with that please let me know and I can book you in.
To book for these courses go to the Workshop booking calendar, find the date of the first class, register and tick repeat for the full course. You will be sent an email reminder 48 hrs before each class.

$80 per workshop per person

These 3 hour workshops cover theory of the sewing machine or overlocker (serger) or a series of sewing techniques listed. You will make actual samples and practice techniques for future reference.  Notes and materials are supplied.

If you or a group of friends are interested in one of these workshops but cannot find a suitable date please contact me.
Ask to be placed on my emailing list for any extra scheduled dates or to register your interest!

If you would like to go along to the website and book in just click here.  

Date & Time
Saturday Afternoon
1.30pm - 4.30pm
Beginners Workshop or Lets get Sewing!
Want to sew but don't know where to start?  Here we learn how to choose a pattern and read the pattern back.  How to select the suitable fabrics and lay out pattern pieces.  We also look at sewing machines and overlockers.  This is great to do even before buying a machine!
7th January 2017
13th May 2017
Know Your Machine - Great for beginners!
Learn all about your sewing machine.  How it works, the different stitches and where to apply them.  The presser feet, what they are for, plus other handy accessories.  How to sew different fabrics, the needles, sewing straight and sewing curves. Plus how to pin, guide your work and how to maintain your machine and so much more.  
Even if you have had your machine a while, there is always more to learn!
18th February 2017
1st July 2017
Sewing Techniques/Fundamentals
In this workshop we learn sewing techniques you will need to follow commercial pattern instructions and in general sewing.  We create practical samples of gathering, easing, stay- stitching, understitching, finishing seams and edges, facings, interfacings, clipping, notching, marking and much more!
29th April 2017
Overlocker Fundammentals
Learn all about your Overlocker (Serger).  How to thread the machine correctly and easily! How it works, the stitches, the presser feet, the needles and other accessories.  Plus, all about the loopers, tensions, stitches, differential feed etc.  We also cover rolled hemming and general care and maintenance.
21st January 2017
18th March 2017
27th May 2017
Creative Overlocking
More rolled hemming techniques and tricks. : Flat locking and other decorative stitches will also be explored in this fun workshop. We also learn to use optional extra feet to apply elastic, lace and ribbons and create effects.  (Must have completed Overlocking fundamentals)
The key to good alterations is to make the garment look unaltered!  We cover shortening and lengthening hems in pants dresses and skirts with authentic Jeans hem, blind hem and narrow hems.   We also learn how to take in garments and how to repair rips and tears.
4th February 2017
10th June 2017
Modern Stretch Sewing
Learn how to cut, prepare and finish the new stretch fabrics. We learn several different finishing methods such as self trim using both the overlocker and sewing machine.
1st April 2017
Fabric Fundamentals
Learn a little about the types and make up of many of the most common types of fabric.  How to apply drape, body, weight, texture, stretch to the style of pattern or garment you are making.  Includes care, handling tips and sample fabrics.
29th April 2017
To register for any of the listed workshops click on the Book Now!  In the workshop calendar, go to the date shown above, click on the highlighted workshop, register as a student and sign into it.  Then  pay using one of the methods described on the booking and payment page to secure your place!

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